Country In The City - PM tour (Kingston Hotels Group)

♥ This tour runs daily 2.30pm to 7pm from 1 Oct 2022.
♥ Please fill all fields to facilitate better customer service.
♥ This is a walking tour of about 4.5km in total and might be unsuitable for young children or the elderly.
♥ Anyone with physical, health or walking conditions are encouraged to avoid this tour.
♥ We will try to cater to specific dietary conditions but please understand we might be unable to satisfy all conditions.
♥ Please wear proper walking shoes and dress appropriately as we will be visiting two royal temples.

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Payable Total: SGD 55.25

◼ No cancellations allowed within 48 hours.
◼ A cancellation fee of 10% applies for cancellations outside 48 hours.
◼ Operator reserves the right to cancel tour in event of poor weather conditions or other reasons, all bookings will be fully refunded.
◼ You will be paying the equivalent of listed tour fare in Singapore Dollars when charge to a credit card.

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I understand more declarations may be required if there is health or physical condition in my party.